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Friday, May 19, 2017
Light Opera of New York [View Company]
The Island of Tulipatan
COMPOSER: Jacques Offenbach

A hilarious one-act comic opera, its boy meets girl with a twist. Wait till you see how convoluted l’amour can get on the remote Island of Tulipatan. It is tuneful, riotously funny with a surprisingly contemporary take on sexuality and love. 

Victor Khodadad (Baritone) — Cacatois XXII
Chad Kranak (Tenor) — Romboïdal
Tom Mulder (Tenor) — Hermosa
Heather Jones (Mezzo-Soprano) — Théodorine
Claire Kuttler (Soprano) — Alexis
John Callison (Baritone) — Ensemble
Chelsea Bonagura (Soprano) — Ensemble/Alexis Cover
Katherine Cecelia Peck (Soprano) — Ensemble
7:00 PM
Sheen Center Blackbox
18 Bleecker St
New York, NY 11012
New Opera NYC [View Company]
Golden Cockerel

For the first time in decades, New Opera NYC presents a new production of the opera “Golden Cockerel” by N.Rimsky-Korsakov, the 15th and the last opera of the composer. It is based on a faux fairytale by a great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin and set to a libretto by Vladimir Belsky.

“Golden Cockerel” is a corner stone of the Russian opera heritage. It has enjoyed international success ever since the premiere in 1909.
However, “Golden Cockerel” has not been staged in NYC in many years.
New Opera NYC brings an exciting new production featuring outstanding cast of singers
8:00 PM
124 Bank Street Theater
124 Bank St
New York, NY 10014
Rhymes With Opera [View Company]
Rhymes With Opera Presents: Coping Mechanisms by Bonnie Lander

Rhymes With Opera concludes the 16-17 season with founding member Bonnie Lander’s improvisatory opera Coping Mechanisms, in which our ensemble of singers create their own narrative, textures, characters, and vocalizations, focusing on our need for both privacy and communication in modern society. The performers define their space and characters through music and action, while also coping with the inability to control each person’s boundaries from the others – both physically and sonically. Coping Mechanisms explores how individuals create personal spaces while simultaneously longing for community and connection, which can potentially threaten the sanctity of these very spaces
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