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The driving force of opera is in small opera companies with independent producers. Indie Opera is the place to go to for news about where opera is headed, in companies that are creating new operas and who are presenting the classics in new ways for wider audiences.

Peter Szep, Producer is joined by Co-Hosts Brooke Larimer and Walker Lewis, with Associate Producer Chuck Sachs to create a podcast focused on the heart and soul of opera production, in the trenches where new work is created and the future opera is being openly debated. 

Click to ListenEpisode 64: Victoria Bond, Composer/Conductor

Victoria Bond joins the Indie Opera Podcast team for a broad and fascinating discussion about her career and her operas. With infectious charm and humor, she shares stories about singing in the NYCO children’s chorus, visits from the hoi polloi of the classical music world to her childhood apartment, studying acting at UCLA, being introduced to conducting by Leonard Slatkin, and building an expansive and impressive career despite the institutionalized misogyny and sexism of the music business

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