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Vital Opera is a developing project to cultivate human connection through the medium of operatic expression. Our goal is to strengthen the bonds of compassion through the exploration of opera as a depiction of human truth.

Vital Opera is a developing project to examine and re-imagine the role of opera in our communities. We seek to increase access to and passion for operatic storytelling for audiences around the world. Born out of the belief that opera is one of the most powerful forms that humans have found to tell their stories (of love, loss, joy, and the fundamental longing for connection), the company strives to produce gripping and communicative music-theatre that enlivens both audience and performers.

Vital Opera produces creative and organic performances of existing work, commissions new work, and develops original montages that address themes of human existence. The company seeks out both new and existing techniques of theatre creation and incorporates them into our theatrical language to engender greater depth and breadth of expression. At home in traditional theatrical venues, we also present innovate programs in unique and non-traditional locales. 

In addition to mounting productions of the highest artistic standards, Vital Opera is committed to artist development, audience education, and community engagement. The company conducts artist development workshops, ensemble development training, and thematically oriented workshops in order to learn about our craft and expand actor skills. We engage the community through extensive post-performance discussion and periodic workshop presentations. We also seek out opportunities to work with community groups to incorporate musical storytelling in their program activities.

Vital Opera produces programs that are compelling, radiant, and imbued with vital energy. Through mindful attention to the stories of our times, we re-examine the operatic classics and seek new stories that reveal the common fabric of our humanity, inspiring performers and audience members alike.

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