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Consistent with the historical mission of the City University of New York, the Conservatory of Music of Brooklyn College attracts and trains outstanding musicians with diverse musical backgrounds from around the world. Our specializations include the study of performance, composition, music education, and musicology, encompassing scholarship in Western and global musics. We educate students in the elements of musicianship essential to the pursuit of a musical career in the 21st century.

The Conservatory of Music serves the broader college student body through the Creative Expression music classes and our music and culture classes for non-majors. In addition, we reach outside the college campus to the surrounding community, the borough of Brooklyn and beyond, through public concerts, scholarly symposia, and K-12 programs. Our programs boast a world-class faculty with emphases in classical performance, contemporary music, jazz, American music, and electroacoustic music.

The Conservatory prepares its students to attain their greatest potential as artists and citizens of the world.

Approved by the Conservatory of Music faculty on February 8, 2011

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